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🌊We are looking for student volunteers at 2024 Busan Slush'D!

We are looking for stuent volunteers, Busan Slush'D CREW!​

Students who are interested in Startup Ecosystem are very welcomed🩵

Busan Slush'D is wating for you at Bexco, this summer✨

💫 Qualification

  • University Students interseted in Startup Ecosystem​


💫 What do you do at 2024 Busan Slush'D?

  • Busan Slush'D Crews will guide the audience and be assigned to one of the programs regarding the survey

💫 Schedule

Application (~7.June) ▶  Result Announcement (12.June*) ▶ Offline Orientation (17.June*) 
▶ Volunteering at Busan Slush'D (25.June)

*The schedule may be subject to change

💫 Due Date : ~6.7(FRI) 18:00(KST) 

💫 2024 BUSAN Slush'D

  • Date/Time : '24. June. 25. (TUE), 10:00~~20:00

  • Location : BEXCO 5A Hall (Exhibition Centre 2)

  • Slogan : Glocalizing Busan Startups!

Korea Startup Forum BUSAN Slush'D Office

📞Phone : +82)70-7443-9404

📧Email :


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