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🌊Startups, Get on the global wave


Last year's pitching competition(Slush'D 10) was held under the theme of solving urban problems and revitalizing the local startup ecosystem, with outstanding early-stage startups and local creators.


This year, the BUSAN Slush'D pitching competition will expand to Slush'D 15, with youth/startup/global leagues.


Apply for 2024 BUSAN Slush'D 15, and get a chance to network globally by promoting your business to global VCs and the startup ecosystem!


💫 2024 BUSAN Slush'D

  • Date/Time : '24. June. 25. (TUE), 10:00~~20:00

  • Location : BEXCO 5A Hall (Exhibition Centre 2)

  • Slogan : Glocalizing Busan Startups!


💫 Qualification

  • Youth League : (Graduates)Students of Universities in Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongsangnam-do

     *Under 34 year-old student founder

     **Less than 6 months of business, with no history of investment


  • New Wave League :  Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongsangnam-do based startups
    * Under one billion won of accumulated investment


  • Global League : Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongsangnam-do based startups preparing for global expansion

     *No scale/industry limits

     **Only English applications are accepted


💫 Benefit for Slush’D 15 Finalists

  • Youth League : 1:1 mentoring with Startup Entrepreneur

  • Startup&Global League : 1:1 business matchmaking with top VCs and companies around the world & 1 Booth at Busan Slush'D

💫 Prize for the Winners!

  • 2024 SLUSH Participation (flight, accommodation included / 1 person from each league winner)


💫 Due Date : ~5.7(TUE) 18:00(KST) 

💫 Schedule

Application (~5.7) ▶  Applications Screening (5.8~5.10) ▶ IR Pitching Screening (5.15~5.20)  ▶ Finalists Announcement(5.21) ▶ Final at BUSAN Slush'D (6.25)

*The schedule may be subject to change

Korea Startup Forum BUSAN Slush'D Office

📞Phone : +82)70-7443-9404

📧Email :


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